Michnat Fashion House (“Michnat”) is an Afrocentric fashion brand founded in 2020 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,

MichNat Fashion specializes in designing and creating Afrocentric clothing and accessories for clients throughout Canada. We make our pieces by infusing African prints into our designs to create a contemporary feel, and our collections are handmade locally in Canada.

At MichNat Fashion, our pieces are crafted to the best quality. As a result, our designs are not only beautiful but stylish as well. Every style is versatile, making them functional for styling in multiple ways, and each piece is handmade with love.

MichNat Fashion has developed products that bridges the gap between African styles and contemporary designs. We create unique and timeless pieces inspired by deep African cultures

Our vision is to be the leading Afrocentric fashion brand in Canada.

Our mission is to design and create quality, bold, unique and timeless Afrocentric clothing & accessories for all clients in all shapes and sizes.

• Passion
• Sustainability
• Diversity
• Collaboration
• Attention to details
• Customer-centric