My name is Funmi, I am the Creative Director of MichNat Fashion House based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.
The desire to fully pursue my passion in fashion was largely influenced by the need to fulfil my dreams and purpose in life and fill the existing gap for the demand for Afro-designs mixed with western flair within the city/Province.
I started creating styles when I was 10 yrs old and have since taken up the passion to make it a profession. As a Chartered Accountant with over 13 years financial institution experience, I left the white-collar job for a life-long desire that gives me inner satisfaction.
I design trendy, versatile and vibrant fashion with a touch of Afro-flair for all special occasions. Customized and tailored to make you feel unique and confident!

Here are some of our key points: 
- You can select your own fabric
- Pieces can be customized
- We make pieces for males, females, and families
- We tailor to all sizes
- Our clothing expresses our unique creativity!
Michnat Fashion Brand leaves customers feeling excited, satisfied, and confident.